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Food should be exciting. You may not have time to cook, or even like to cook. But that doesn't mean food has to be uninspired. Our meals are meant to feel indulgent, not be indulgent. Each dish is less than 450 calories, packed with protein, low fat, moderate in carbs, and, of course, delicious as hell.

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Ingredients and recipes pulled from all over the world: Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Phillipines---the same flavors and recipes Chef Chris cooks at home.

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 Soy free, gluten free, minimal dairy. Fresh ingredients with no preservatives. Plant based protein available. Sophisticated food made healthy, not the other way around.

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Everything from slow braising to sauce making; the Ful kitchen is basically a French restaurant. That plays punk music. And is healthy. So not really a French restaurant at all. But you get the idea.


First and foremost Chris would like you to know he hates talking about himself. With that said, Chris has opened up about the dozen restaurants across St. Louis and elsewhere. His lovely wife Courtney is Ful's CEO, or so he says, and their well behaved pups Gracie and Sheena are co-chairs of the board. Sheena is named after a Ramones song, which sheds a little light on the kind of music that's always playing in the kitchen; punk and ska. He's MVP of the local brewery trivia circuit as long as the category is 1990s Japanese Automobiles. Definitely don't read his feature in Feast


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